KC criminal faces prison and murder charge after romance miscue

Things went wrong for a Kansas City man after he hid his vehicle to cheat on his fiancé, at least that was his story.

A search of said vehicle led a federal jury on Thursday to convict Rashawn Long, 33, of illegally possessing firearms and a controlled substance.

After the federal conviction, Jackson County prosecutors also announced an unrelated murder charge against him for killing Kevin Jones last year in the 1800 block of East 77th Street.


According to a release from federal prosecutors:

On Oct. 26, 2013, a woman called police to her Kansas City home because a stranger had parked his Dodge Avenger in her back yard, banged on her door and left.

Officers called a tow truck and the resident found a note from Long addressed to another person, “thanking that person for letting him park the vehicle in her yard.”

A few minutes later, Long ran down a hill yelling at officers. He said he knew the owner of the home and had parked there before.

“Long also told officers that he was trying to hide his car from his fiancé while he visited another woman who lived down the block, and did not want anyone to see him.”

Police arrested Long, who had two warrants out for him.

A search of the Dodge found a stun gun, a can of pepper spray, a digital scale with residue and a digital video camera. They also found a Coke can with a false compartment that contained Buphedrone, a controlled substance similar to meth.

It got worse.

When police saw the video in the camera they found shots of Long flashing a Glock pistol.

As a person with former felony convictions that include second degree murder, armed criminal action and drug trafficking, it is illegal for Long to have a gun. He can be sentenced to to up to 40 years in prison for the federal charges.

In the new Jackson County case, Long’s DNA matched that on a hat left at the scene of the shooting death, according to court records.

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