Kansas City man pleads guilty in second bomb hoax

Manuel Garcia, sentenced to prison four years ago for a bomb threat at the federal courthouse, did not learn the error of his ways.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty in federal court in Kansas City for making hoax telephone calls about contaminating public water supplies.

According to a press release from federal prosecutors:

Garcia, 70, called the TIPS hotline on Oct. 15 and claimed water supplies of Kansas City, St. Louis, Wichita and Topeka would be contaminated within days by a substance in 55-gallon tanks.

On the same day, he called federal officials in Washington, D.C. and told them the same thing.

An FBI agent recognized his voice from the previous 2010 case in which he pleaded guilty to  phone threats and placing a fake explosive outside the courthouse in Kansas City.

The explosive device was a soft-sided cooler with a note on it saying it contained C4 and would explode at 7 a.m. He also made a phone call saying there were three more explosive devices outside the courthouse.

Sentenced to 18 months in prison for that transgression, he was living in a transition house when the new threats were made last year.

The house was close to where the cellular tower system indicated the new calls were made.

This time, Garcia could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

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