Judge denies streetcar lawsuit bond

A state appeals judge has denied a request that Downtown property owners challenging the streetcar system post a $20 million bond.

In the Friday ruling, Judge Alok Ahuja also granted the request for an expedited briefing schedule.

He also noted that the Kansas City Downtown Streetcar Transportation Development District could file to seek transfer to the Missouri Supreme Court, bypassing the state appeals court in Kansas City.

Property owners Sue Anne Burke and Jeffrey Rumaner are appealing the ruling of Jackson County Judge Peggy Stevens McGraw that dismissed their lawsuit.

Judge McGraw ruled that the issues raised in the lawsuit had been addressed in a ruling by another judge last year, and no one appealed then.

The transportation district contends the appeal now and continuing legal delay is delaying progress on the 2-mile, $102 million streetcar system. The delay could add many millions in city costs for things like less favorable bond terms, loss of possible federal funding and inflation, they argue.

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