Internet enhancers in the sky

untitled-(1-of-3)-2Not that drivers often talk or text on cell phones, dangers and legalities and all, but it might soon get easier.

The city finance committee today approved a license agreement for a company to put wifi enhancers on some street lights and utility poles.

It goes to the full city council for approval Thursday.

Mobilitie Investment III, LLC, will pay $5,400 a year to put up 10 devices within the city, and then charge various wifi providers to use them.

They would go up where signals are weak, the city manager reported, and said he believed some would be in Midtown.

Councilwoman Jan Marcason, committee chair, said she has heard that if people were driving down Ward Parkway using cellphones, if they were to do that, they would get poor reception.

In some places in the city, officials said, there are even places where people cannot get messages on their cell phones.

Besides better cell phone reception, Mobilitie says, its system can increase Internet capacity and data speeds during peak access times.



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