Improvements to the Midtown KC Post

site-redesignOur website got a facelift over the weekend. Please check out the improvements and let us know what you think (also please pass along any bugs).  Here are some of the new features:

  • Weather: We have added current weather and a forecast to our home page.
  • Alerts section: In the upper left-hand corner, we’ve added a section called “alerts” where you can find the updates on races in Midtown affecting traffic, weather-related alerts, timely messages from the city and missing persons reports. We’ll also include information about lost pets if you send it to us.
  • Mobile optimized: Our pages are now optimized to display at the correct size on different types of devices.
  • Prominent ad space available: Reach Midtown readers with our new advertising spaces. Contact us for details.
  • Problem with links from Facebook fixed: For a while, those of you with iPhones could not click through from Facebook to our page. This has been corrected in our update.
  • Search by areas of Midtown: We now have news broken down by areas including Armour Boulevard, Broadway, Troost, Main Street, the Plaza and Westport.
  • Content organized by subject: You can find school news, city government news and neighborhood news in our new content tabs just under our logo.
  • History stories: Stories about historic buildings and people are grouped under the history section.
  • Real estate tips: Advice from our real estate experts is easy to find on the left hand side of the page under “tips from our real estate experts.”
  • Who’s talking: to us and about us. We encourage conversation among our readers, so check out what they’re saying on our home page.
  • Ways to follow us: You can sign up for our daily email newsletter on our home page, in case you forget to check the site for the latest news. And you can connect from Facebook by clicking on the Facebook like button, which brings some of our stories into your Facebook feed.

We have more changes planned, which we hope will make the Midtown KC Post even more useful to our readers. Please let us know what you’d like to see on our page – just click on the new contact button at the top of the page. And if you’re an advertiser, contact us to find out how to reach thousand of Midtown readers from their personal computers, tablets and mobile phones.

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