Hyde Park neighborhood newsletter lists most endangered properties

Actress Joan Crawford lived at now-vacant 4343 Campbell Street from 1919 to 1922 as a teenager when the property was known as the Rockingham Academy. Now the 3,400 sq. ft. colonial is on the city’s Dangerous Buildings list and has an overgrown driveway, a fallen tree on its garage and broken soffits.

Excepted from the Hyde Parker, see the full text in the Hyde Park neighborhood newsletter

Each year the Historic Kansas City Foundation publishes a list of what it considers our city’s most endangered properties to raise awareness of challenges and issues facing older buildings that have architectural, historic and cultural significance. Recently the Hyde Parker attempted to do the same within the Hyde Park neighborhood. Here’s an excerpt from the excellent overview.

Many residents care deeply about their homes in North, South and Central Hyde Park. For some, the economic strains since 2008 and/or physical limits have curtailed the ability of households, businesses and government to act as respectful stewards of land and space.

This article concentrates on properties where blight has been long-standing, in some cases for decades, and where positive action in form of property rehabilitation or teardown could have significant beneficial effect on the quality of life, community safety and public health.

Twelve properties made the list based on the following criteria

  • substantial exterior deterioration inconsistent with the preservation of the North, South and Central Hyde Park Historic District
  • municipal code violations and dangerous building status as determined by the City of Kansas City and
  • historical individual architect merit, community significance and/or location.

See the entire list 

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