Historic Armour apartment buildings could be saved

File photo.

File photo.

A city council committee voted Wednesday to advance a measure that would save four historic small apartment buildings on Armour Boulevard.

The buildings at 100-118 W. Armour for now sit boarded up since a political fight stopped demolition.

MAC Properties, which by now has now renovated 30 historic buildings along Armour, wanted to demolish those. Old Hyde Park neighbors and historic preservationists fought against it.

The city Historic Preservation Commission blocked demolition for three years, time to shape a solution.

Peter Cassel at the city council committee meeting.

Peter Cassel at the city council committee meeting.

Peter Cassel, director of MAC Properties, said Thursday that it was good they lost then – “the community had it right.”

The city has come up with $840,000 from the Midtown Business Interruption Fund to help make the $7 million renovation possible. The committee sent the measure to the full city council Wednesday for final approval.

Architects will also add apartments to the basements of the units, Cassel said, and “Part of what is making (renovation) possible is the increasing rent in Midtown.”

One could say Midtown prosperity helped in another way, officials said.

The city Midtown Business Interruption Fund comes from money from the Midtown Super TIF that came with the Costco, Home Depot and SunFresh stores. It was to pay for any debt service that fell short, but the retail projects make so much money it did not fall short.

Councilwoman Katheryn Shields, who helped broker the city deal with Cassel, praised MAC Properties for taking a second look.

Cassel said he hoped to have people living in the buildings by next year.

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