Help reduce ozone by riding the bus

With summer finally here, its time to start paying attention to ozone levels in Kansas City.

For those who want to do more than monitor levels, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is offering a deal if you choose to ride the bus rather than driving on ozone alert days.

Beginning June 1, the KCATA will again offer reduced fares on The Metro when an Ozone Alert is predicted. That low fare of 75¢ will also be available on Johnson County Transit’s The JO, Unified Government Transit and IndeBus routes.

“By riding the bus instead of driving their own vehicles, commuters can help reduce auto emissions that pollute the air,” the KCATA says. “Emissions are a major contributor to ground-level ozone in Kansas City, which is created when pollution from cars and other sources react in sunlight. Heat and sunlight combine to make ozone pollution a frequent problem during the summer months.”

“Whether people ride The Metro all summer, or just on Ozone Alert days, driving less helps all Kansas Citians breathe easier,” KCATA Director of Marketing Cindy Baker said. “Not to mention the reduction in fuel costs.”

Ozone’s harmful effects can include eye, nose and throat irritation; chest pain; coughing; nausea and headaches. Ozone can also trigger asthma attacks, permanently damaging a person’s lungs. Many people are sensitive to ozone, especially while being active outdoors. Children, senior citizens, those working or playing outdoors, and people with respiratory disease are at a higher risk from ozone exposure.


Since Ozone Alerts are sure to happen this summer, you can prepare now to use the reduced fare by planning your trips in advance.

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