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Heart of Westport neighborhood

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What’s New in the Heart of Westport neighborhood?

Home in the Heart of Westport neighborhood of Kansas City

Well-kept homes along Central Street are a thriving part of the Heart of Westport neighborhood.

Most people have never heard of the Heart of Westport Neighborhood, but its members have been actively building community for the past several years. Heart of Westport encompasses the area behind the Westport post office. It’s a geographically compact neighborhood surrounded by the ever-changing Westport entertainment environment. Yet the Heart of Westport is thriving because of a committed group of neighbors.

Chairman Tom Platt lives in the Heart of Westport and has watched its changes over the years. Platt’s father owned the building on the northeast corner of Westport Road and Broadway, home to popular restaurants such as Tempters, the Beautiful Day Café and The Corner Restaurant.

“I want to make sure Westport stays stable,” he says. “It’s important for me to be one of the stable persons in Westport.”