Hat + DNA = charges in sex attack near hospital

A 22-year-old victim of a sexual assault last year saved the hat her attacker left behind.

Now DNA tests have led to felony charges against a Kansas City man.

Jackson County prosecutors charged David Lee Hill, 29, with three counts of sodomy or attempted sodomy and with second-degree robbery.

According to court records and their media release:

The victim had left the Truman Medical Center on Nov. 5, 2014 and was walking nearby on a bridge at 21st and Holmes with a man who had left the hospital when she did.

The man told her he was cold and asked her for a hug. She refused and he shoved his hands down her pants and twisted, pulled and tore at her, causing severe bleeding.

Then he pulled down his pants, forced her sodomize him, and stole her purse and cellphone.

When he left, she picked up his hat and took it back to the hospital, where she was treated and a rape kit done.



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