What happened last week in Midtown Kansas City?

bainbridgeLast week in the Midtown KC Post, our most popular post reported in the new designation of social blight that could impact apartment buildings in Midtown Kansas City with high crime rates. Other popular topics were the potential expansion of streetcar routes into Midtown, and the future of the Green Impact Zone.

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The discussion over the new designation of social blight, a potential new tool for fighting crime, continued at city hall. We also checked in on the redevelopment of the Ambassador on Broadway and reported on a new effort by MAC Properties to get permission to demolish four buildings on Armour Boulevard.

From city hall, we shared the forecast for the next city budget, which is expected to be tight. The council also began considering a possible funding mechanism for an expansion of the downtown streetcar line.

The Green Impact Zone began preparation to close its doors or continue its work in a new form. The school district put its facilities master planning on hold as it continues to fight a state decision on its accreditation status that could allow students to transfer out of the district.

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