Grandview man charged in highway shootings

shooterA 32-year-old Grandview man faces multiple felony counts for nine vehicle shootings, Jackson County prosecutors announced today.

Mohammed P. Whitaker’s 18 felony counts are related to a dozen such linked shootings between March 18 and April 6, and prosecutors said more counts could be added later.

According to court records:

Ballistics tests connected .380 caliber bullets recovered from the dozen shootings and witness reports linked a vehicle similar to Whitaker’s green Dodge Neon.

Police surveillance while he was driving also found him pacing cars in apparent attempts to get in position to shoot them.

Witnesses said the suspect wore a black hoodie and sunglasses.

A search of Whitaker’s apartment found a loaded .380 caliber handgun and ammunition, three black hoodie sweatshirts, sunglasses and a black glove with the pointer finger cut out of it.

Police also found a bullet hole inside his car that was fired from inside it.

For now, he is charged with seven counts of unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon that resulted in injury and nine counts of armed criminal action.

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