Governor speaks out in KC: women get 71 percent of men’s pay

nixonGov. Jay Nixon today acted in Kansas City to support equal pay for women.

Mayor Sly James also announced city action at the annual luncheon of the Women’s Foundation  at the Sheraton Crown Center.

Nixon signed an executive order that promotes equal gender pay and directs state agencies to use guidelines to identify and address pay gaps.

“We need to ensure that all Missourians are getting a fair shake and equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream,” he said. “Shortchanging 50 percent of the workforce is bad for women, it’s bad for families, and it’s bad for the entire economy.”

Missouri is one of 46 states with equal pay laws but full-time, year-round women workers in the state earned 71 percent of men’s earnings from 2008 to 2012, according to a study by the University of Missouri Institute of Public Policy.

James announced he will join the Women’s Foundation and other organizations in a community partnership around the National Right to Work initiative.

In includes workshops, symposia and other things to equip businesses with best practices that support employees and their families.

“When Work Works will advance innovative, family-friendly policies that will put Kansas City on the map as one of the best workplace communities in the nation,” James said.

The program that began in 2003 provides benchmarks for businesses on where they are in areas of workplace flexibility, paid leave and more and provides awards and recognition to businesses that do it well.

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