Google responds to complaints about contractors

Photo from Fox4 report

In Coleman Highlands, along Broadway and in other areas, Google has been hearing complaints about the conduct of some contractors installing Google Fiber.

As Fox4 news reported yesterday, Coleman Highlands resident Meghan Tallman complained after contractors let her dogs escape from her back yard and left a pile of trash behind.

See the Fox4 report

County legislator Scott Burnett says he’s received other complaints and he’s asked Google to do a better job of notifying residents before workers come to their yards and following procedures once they are there.

Google’s Rachel Hack sent this message to Burnett in response to the complaints:

“Our standard procedure is to email homeowners before work begins advising them that we’ll be in the neighborhood, and crews knock on a homeowner’s door before beginning work. All of our contractors are required to carry photo ID and should show it when asked. And we’re committed to making sure workers leave a property exactly as it was when they arrived, including cleaning up after any work they’ve done.”

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