Glover and Shields advance in city primaries

thJim Glover will face opponent Kathryn Shields in the 4th district at large city council race in June.

That’s after yesterday’s primary election in which Shields garnered 41 percent of the votes to incumbent Jim Glover’s 43 percent. Jared Campbell with 10 percent and Bryan Stalder with 6 percent will not advance to the general election.

In the 4th District in-district race, Jolie Justus, who took 74 percent of the vote, will face John Fierro, who took 26 percent.

In the 3rd district at-large race, Quinton Lucas and Stephan Gordon will be face off in the general.  In-district in the third district, incumbent Jermaine Reed will face Jamekia Kendrix.

Mayor Sly James, who gathered more than 80 percent of the votes yesterday, will face challenger Vincent Lee. Clay Chastain will not advance to the general election contest.

The top two candidates in each city council race will continue to campaign and voters will choose between them in the June election.

The results of other city council races include:

  • 1st District at large: Incumbent Scott Wager will face Jeffrey Roberts.
  • 2nd District at large: Teresa Loar will face Jay Hodges.
  • 5th at large: Lee Barnes will face Dennis Anthony.
  • 6th District: Scott Taylor, the incumbent, is unopposed.
  • 1st District in district: Heather Hall will face incumbent Dick Davis.
  • 2nd District in district: Since the other candidate dropped out, Dan Fowler is set to take the seat after the general election.
  • 5th District in district: Ken Bacchus will face Alissia Canady in a tight race.
  • 6th District in district: Kevin McManus will face Terrence Nash.

Both ballot issues, to allow the sale of 2.5 acres of vacant park property near 534 Highland to the University of Medicine and Biosciences, and to impose a fee  to reimburse the city for inspecting and regulating payday loan businesses, passed

The Jackson County election board reported turnout for the primary was 12 percent of all registered voters.

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