Fringe Festival at Westport Coffee House: A hilarious conversation with God

At the kickoff of the KC Fringe Festival last night, Mike Smith offered a hint of the his upcoming performance “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Truth.” His mature content spoken word performance takes place at the Westport Coffee House…and it’s hilarious.

Here’s how the Fringe Festival describes Mike Smith’s spoken word performance:

It’s 2012, & JESUS IS ON HIS WAY BACK TO EARTH to address mankind and hold CHRISTIAN, JEWS, & MUSLIMS accountable for the RELIGIOUS & POLITICAL SCANDALS that each group of so-called followers have contributed to over the course of SEVERAL MILLENNIUMS, but before Jesus returns to Earth, he has AN INCREDIBLY HILARIOUS CONVERSATION WITH GOD about the current state of humans & the ignorance that is saturating mankind.

He’s appearing next week at the Westport Coffee House at various times on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Check out the Fringe Festival schedule to find other Midtown venues where Fringe performances are going on July 19-29.



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