Friday heads up: 3000 motorcycles coming to Liberty Memorial


The National World War I Museum.

Expect traffic delays and detours as 3000 motorcycle riders roar into Midtown Friday morning, June 26.

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is having its annual convention in Kansas City this weekend. The members plan a group ride beginning at the Hilton Hotel downtown and ending up at the Liberty Memorial World War I Museum.

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department will help with traffic control.

The route will use Cookingham Road to 169 Highway, 169 Highway south to the downtown loop, and then south on I-35 to the Broadway exit.

“Motorists should expect to be re-routed around these stretches of roads and highways for a considerable period of time,” said Sgt. Grant Ruark of the KCPD’s Traffic Division. “We intend to give motorists alternative roadways to use without having them backed up in traffic, but they should know that with this size of an event, delays and detours are likely.”

Alternate routes such as Interstates 29 and 435, North Oak Trafficway and Broadway Boulevard on the Missouri side and Interstate 635 and 7th Street Trafficway on the Kansas side will offer motorists outlets around the event.

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