Fountain could be god of wine or god of war

The winner of this week’s fountain contest is Margo Shepard, who gets two tickets to the Jiggle Jam Family Music fest over Memorial Day weekend.

The fountain is at 4701 Wyandotte St. in the courtyard outside the Cheesecake Factory and it has some identity issues, according to the most recent issue of book “The City of Fountains.”

It is called both the Bacchus fountain for the god of wine and also the Pan fountain, for the god of the wild and of shepherds. The head could also be Vulcan, the god of war.

The 10,000-pound lead fountain was cast between 1912 and 1914 for an English estate, the book states, and J.C. Nichols purchased it in 1960.

It was done by the Bromsgrove Guild of applied arts in England, a group of artists and designers that operated from 1898 to 1966.

Walter Gilbert founded the group associated with the Arts and Crafts movement, Wikipedia reports. The guild also did the Neptune fountain on the Plaza at 308 West 47th St.

Among the group’s other many works are the gates of Buckingham palace and trim on the RMS Queen Mary and on the Lusitania.

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