Fountain contest: coins tossed here benefit children’s hospital

The winner of our second fountain contest is Jackie Freeland of the Valentine neighborhood, who gets two tickets to Jiggle Jam Family Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

She identified the picture and location of the Mermaid Fountain at 4810 Broadway in the Country Club Plaza.

The fountain that features two white, Italian Marble mermaids that are more than 300 years old was first installed on the Plaza in 1930. It was restyled and set in its current courtyard in 1968.

Each statue blows into a shell and sends a stream of water into a basin pool with a kneeling, praying child in the center.

Coins tossed in the fountain are donated to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

A partial picture of another Midtown fountain will run each Wednesday through May 8, with winners announced the following Mondays. The tickets are courtesy of the City of Fountains Foundation.

The contest gives people a chance to show off knowledge and is intended to raise awareness of fountains in a city rich with them.

People say Kansas City has more fountains than any city but Rome but about half of the 48 fountains need work. Just the eight in most need will take about $2.7 million to repair, money that the foundation is attempting to raise through private and corporate donations.

Donations can be sent to City of Fountains Foundation, 4049 Central, Kansas City, Mo., 64111.

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