Forum on racial divide includes local speakers

Redeemer Fellowship in Westport is hosting a forum on race called City Renewed tomorrow. This video on its website says the forum is intended to be a dialogue about Kansas City’s racial divide and its effect on the city.

According to the church, “Whether overt or subtle, Kansas City has a long history of racial segregation, discrimination, and violence. City Renewed seeks to engage underlying social, cultural, and systemic issues and consider what it looks like to pursue the welfare and renewal of our city together.”

Speakers include Kansas City Star columnist Lewis Duiguid,  Kansas City Call columnist Eric Wesson, and Urban League of Greater Kansas City president and CEO Gwen Grant offering their personal and professional assessments of the city.


 About the Speakers

  • Lewis Duiguid is an Editorial Board member, blogger, and columnist for The Kansas City Star. He has written columns for The Star since 1987 and co-chaired the diversity initiative at The Star from 1995 to 2009. Duiguid is the author of A Teacher’s Cry: Expose the Truth About Education Today and Discovering the Real America: Toward a More Perfect Union, where he examines issues of education, urban public schools, and diversity.
  • Eric Wesson is a staff writer and columnist for the Kansas City Call newspaper and Executive Director of 1 Goal, an organization that helps ex-felons connect to resources vital to a successful return to their communities. Wesson is an organizer, a consultant,  and a motivational speaker.
  • Gwen Grant is president & CEO of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, an organization that exists to empower African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. In her role as the chief executive officer of the Urban League, she provides leadership, oversight and direction for advancing all Urban League programs and its mission. She is the co-founder of the League’s Servant Leadership Development Program where she has provided leadership development training for more than 450 emerging leaders. As a co-author of the Afraid of the Dark Dialogue Guide and Workbook, Grant lectures regularly on the local and national level to help advance the Urban League’s race relations and social justice agenda.

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