Chief invites community to forum



Since the Ferguson police shooting, officers everywhere are under greater scrutiny but Kansas City police have fared well under it, the police chief says in his blog.

Chief Darryl Forte also announced a forum session Saturday where people can share their thoughts with police commanders.

He praised the work of his officers but said he wants to hear from others.

“Our employees have exhibited professionalism during the most difficult situations,” said Chief Darryl Forte.

When hundreds of people demonstrated recently against police brutality, police arranged to have buses take the cold protestors back to their vehicles, he noted.

Officers work to ensure hungry people have food and “dole out small kindnesses every day that most people will never know,” he said.

He thanked citizens for their civility, peaceful protest and respect for others and for property rights.

The forum Saturday will be from 9 a.m to noon at the Palestine Missionary Baptist Church at 3619 E. 35th St.

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