Forget sales taxes: For short time, efficient appliances can save more than energy

If a washing machine thumps like a drum or an old gas-eating furnace tops out at still cold, it may soon be time to upgrade.

The city council finance committee today approved and advanced an ordinance announcing the city’s role in the annual state sales tax holiday for Energy Star appliances.

The full city council is expected to approve the action Thursday.

It means that from April 19 to April 25 people will pay no city or state sales tax on such appliances purchased in Kansas City.

The idea is to promote energy efficiency, use less energy and save customers money, officials said.

Councilman Scott Taylor said, “I would note it’s an opportunity for our merchants to sell more products.”

You don’t have to live in Kansas City to get the deals, he said, and he encouraged Kansans to come over and buy.

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