Fire department reports on cause of JJs explosion

The smoke from the JJs fire about an hour after the building exploded.

The Kansas City Fire Department report released yesterday on the JJ’s Restaurant explosion says the pilot lights on the stove and hot water heater were on at the time of the explosion.

The investigation found that the accident was caused by the puncture of an underground gas line.

The report by the fire department, police department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives does not otherwise deal with why people were not ordered evacuated sooner.

Fire Investigator Thomas Kievlan reported that a restaurant manager said the fire department told him to put out the candles and pilot lights on the stove and hot water heater and they got them out on the candles but not the others.

The explosion killed waitress Megan Cramer and injured 15 others. Cramer’s body was found the next morning.

The landmark restaurant was completely destroyed.




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