Enrollment event for Hale Cook, reopening as a neighborhood school

The Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) and the Friends of Hale Cook are inviting families of kindergarten and first-grade students within the Hale Cook school boundaries to attend a special enrollment event at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 11, at the school, 7302 Pennsylvania Ave.

The boundaries of the school include the southern tip of Midtown south of Brush Creek.

The Friends of Hale Cook, a volunteer organization, pushed the district to re-open the mothballed school as a neighborhood school. It said in a feasibility study it hopes to attract parents to the school through a mixture of community involvement, parents and community members as teachers, and innovation in the classroom.

The district and friends group plan to open a pre-K and kindergarten program this year at Hartman Elementary, and expand to first grade if enrollment increases.

The boundaries of the Hale Cook neighborhood school would be Brush Creek to the north; Troost and Paseo to the East; 75th-77th-79th to the south; and State Line to the west. The school district and Friends of Hale Cook are recruiting kindergarten and first-grade students for the coming school year. Source: Kansas City School District.

“To date, KCPS has received 26 enrollment applications for the program, enough to allow Hale Cook to open in fall 2013 as a school within a school at Hartman Elementary. At this event, families of kindergarten and first grade students will have the ability to enroll on-site and tour the school,” the district said in a press release.

“This event and other Hale Cook enrollment activities are vital because renovations at the Hale Cook building will commence once interest in the program is sufficient to support two full classrooms of kindergarten students. To date, there are only enough students for one kindergarten classrooms.”


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