East Patrol campus named for civil rights leader

leon-jordanThe campus of the new east patrol station, but not the station itself, will be named after Leon Mercer Jordan.

The city council approved the name unanimously Thursday, citing Jordan’s work in civil rights.

Some had advocated naming the station after him, but that would have broken the tradition that police stations not be named for anyone.

Jordan was former police detective, a three term state legislator and one of the founders of Freedom Inc., a black political club that increased political power for blacks.

There have been questions about why he was murdered by a mobster in 1970.

Giving Jordan’s name to the new campus especially resonates given the situation in Ferguson, said Councilman Ed Ford.

“What a message to send to our community that our police department is part of the community,” he said.

Councilman Jermaine Reed said the action came after petitions and support from many for a man who had been a dynamic leader.


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