Easier bike racks ahead

untitled-(16-of-32)Ride bikes to places and you need bike racks, and the city is working on that.

It is difficult for property and business owners to put in bike racks because they need a city encroachment permit.

The city will introduce an ordinance to change that and allow a much easier process, Public Works Director Sherri McIntyre reported Monday to the mayor and city manager.

Businesses in other cities have also found that the racks increase sales, she said.

For fiscal year 2015, 53 percent of citizens say they are satisfied with walking and biking trails in the city, compared to 54 percent last fiscal year.

The city is also working on new standards and processes for pedestrian access in construction zones, she said.

And the pan to narrow Grand Boulevard to make it more friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians is going forward, officials said, with bids for the work expected to go out later this year.

The existing four-lane roadway will go to two travel lanes, a center turn lane and buffered bike lanes.link to city proposes more bike, pedestrian friendly grand boulevard

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