Early morning door knockers and bell ringers


It’s happening all over Midtown. It’s 4 a.m. and your doorbell rings. What should you do? Photo courtesy Creative Commons by Claire Cessford

Kansas City Police Department’s James Schriever is warning about a rash of early morning door knocking or bell ringing incidents across the city. He said today the incidents have occurred in Rockhill, South Hyde Park, and Volker. Residents have reported someone ringing their doorbells or knocking on their doors in the middle of the night.

The police department has not been able to question any of the people who have been doing the early-morning ringing and knocking. Schriever says they have not tied any crimes to these incidents, but the incidents could range from a simple game to casing a house as a potential crime target.

He advises any residents getting such calls or knocks to do the following:

  • Absolutely do not open the door unless you know who’s knocking
  • Do not exit your residence to confront the individuals
  • Call 911.
  • If the subject is asking for medical or police assistance, advise them to have a seat on the porch and advise them you are contacting the police.
  • No matter what story they give, do not allow them in your house to use the phone. Again, advise you have already called 911 and they are on the way.
  • Follow the 911 Call Taker’s orders. Just because the Call Taker is still on the phone with you does not mean she has not sent the call to be dispatched. Many times the call is immediately sent for dispatch and the Call Taker will ask the caller to remain on the line to obtain more information or to direct the caller to take additional action.


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