Those who don’t use it like 311 the best

3-1-1-requestsWhen it comes to the city’s 311 service, many seem happy just knowing it is there – people who don’t use it are more satisfied than users.

City officials reported the citizen survey results Tuesday to the mayor and city manager.

“How odd that non-users are happier than users,” Mayor Sly James said.

Among non-users, 59 percent are satisfied or very satisfied and 13 percent are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

Among users, it is 52 percent for the happy categories and 19 percent for the others.

311 replaced the city’s old Action Center. It allows residents to report property code violations, request a service such as bulky trash pickup, find a towed car, or have other interactions with the city.

Staffers suggested that those who use it are more likely to have a complaint. They also suggested that users may be more engaged citizens with higher expectations.

The data also shows the most frequently requested 311 service now relates to property violations.

Later in the year, that may shift to snow removal matters, staffers said, as some people even try to make reservations to get their streets cleared.

Those most likely use 311 are in the 3rd or 5th council districts, with those least likely in the 1st and 4th council districts.

Women are slightly more likely to use it than men and people who earn from $30,000 to $60,000 are more likely to use it than people who make over  $100,000.

Homeowners use it more than renters by 56 percent to 44 percent, and those who have lived in the city 30 or more years use it much more than those who have lived here less than nine years.

In all, only 54 percent of citizens reported contacting 311.

Officials said they need to do more to promote 311 and the goal is to get its overall customer satisfaction rate up to 88 percent.

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