DNA test proves guilt in 1987 Plaza rape

Sometimes criminals insist that DNA tests on old evidence will prove innocence, and well-meaning defense lawyers act to right wrongs.

But it is not unusual for the DNA tests to prove guilt.

That happened recently in the case of a man convicted of a 1987 rape on the Country Club Plaza.

Pete Wright, now 50, persuaded lawyers with the Innocence Project to press for testing DNA found on the victim’s clothing.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

Jackson County prosecutors agreed to the testing in 2011 and results last December proved it was Wright’s DNA, they announced today.

The Innocence Project dropped the case and Wright continues serving his 30-year sentence.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said, “My office agreed to further testing in the Pete Wright case because we wanted to confirm that justice had been done.”

She said that reopening cases after convictions can be traumatic for victims and their families.

“But, when we contacted the victim of this defendant, she once again demonstrated her courage and resolve, expressing her willingness to cooperate and work to ensure justice was done,” Peters Baker said.

As for Wright, he completes his sentence in September 2017.

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  1. Martin Mac says:

    Is there a picture of the accused, and where can I find the full story?

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