DId your car get towed? What to do

The city says if your car was towed yesterday, you should call the tow lot before going there to look for it.

According to a new release, a large number of cars were stranded on streets and had to be towed.

“The extraordinary number of cars stranded would have impeded our ability to clear streets; therefore, we needed to tow the cars to clear the streets so we can continue to provide essential service to residents,” said City Manager Troy Schulte.

Not all vehicles were towed to the Vehicle Impound Facility, 7750 E. Front St.  Residents whose car may have been towed should call 816-513-0680 to determine if their vehicle was towed to the City Vehicle Impound Facility.

Some vehicles on MO-DOT roadways were towed to a MO-DOT site. Please call to verify if your vehicle is at their facility by calling 816-607-2000.

As a reminder, vehicle owners will need to present a valid photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, State ID, work/school ID, military ID, passport) and verification of ownership to retrieve their vehicle.

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