Did you know it is love your lawyer day?

asset-1442387339393It seems there is a special day for every group or cause, and today is “Love Your Lawyer Day.”

Those who make lawyer-bashing jokes today should have to pay $20 to a charity, says the American Lawyer Public Image Association.

Nader Anise, a legal marketer with that group that is the force behind the holiday, said in a article in Bloomberg this week: “The reality is that lawyers are, for the most part, vilified in our society. This day is about recognizing them, appreciating them and thanking them.”

People are urged to post pictures and comments on Twitter, with the hash tag #LoveYourLawyerDay.

Anise said of lawyers, “I know people don’t think they have feelings, but you know, they can get their feelings hurt, too.”

The day has been around for 15 years, the article states, but for the first time this year it was recognized with a resolution by the American Bar Association Law Practice Council.

The resolution notes that lawyers have been targets of bashing and negative portrayals for hundreds of years.

Also, it notes that a 2013 survey found them last among professional categories for “contributions to society,” and a 2014 survey found the public perception of them on honesty and ethics was only 21 percent.

So thank them today, the resolution states, and it urges lawyers to boost their image with more pro bono services and support for charity.

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