Demand up for police training on protection from shooters

In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre on top of the July killings in a Colorado movie theater, far more Kansas City businesses are asking police for active shooter training.

Before those, there were generally no more than 10 calls a year for it, Major Philip Lawler said. Now police get about one a week and received four in the last 48 hours.

Lawler reported the increase Wednesday to the city council public safety committee.

The active shooter training involves police assessing business policies and emergency operations plans, suggesting tactics and explaining what to expect when police arrive, he said.

Businesses like Starlight Theater, The Royals, and many others have gotten the training, which also teaches how people can best protect themselves from a mass shooter.

Stay behind a locked door if possible. “If they come up to a door that is locked, typically they’ll go on to the next door,” Lawler said, and if you can identify a clear line of escape, take it.

Any business wanting the training can call the police general number at 816-234-5000 and ask for it, he said.

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