Date set for Westport High School discussion


The school district and the company hoping to redevelop Westport High School will offer an update on August 14.

The repurposing office will also ask for feedback on the project as it now stands.

The Kansas City school district administration earlier this year recommended the sale of the closed school to Foutch Brothers as a mixed-use development. The proposal that was presented to the community called for Academie Lafayette Charter School to operate a high school there.

But last month, the school district announced it had reached a groundbreaking agreement with Academie Lafayette that could lead to the opening of a joint international school at Southwest High School. Community discussions about that possibility have begun.

Given this new information, the district says it wants to give Midtown stakeholders a new opportunity to consider the Foutch Brothers proposal.

“While the Administration continues to support the sale of Westport High School to Foutch proposal, it is delaying action at this time in order to ensure adequate time to provide additional information to the community as many stakeholders anticipated that Academie Lafayette would locate in Westport High School as a Foutch tenant,” the repurposing office said in an email.

The meeting on August 14 will include an update on the reuse proposal.

The meeting will be held at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 4501 Walnut at 6 p. m.


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