Dangerous buildings to be flattened or fixed


City Manager Troy Schulte explaining the new program to deal with dangerous buildings.

You can buy a dangerous building for $1, but better hurry.

The city plans to demolish all of about 800 such structures over the next two years, officials announced Thursday.

The $10 million plan is part of the mayor’s proposed budget along with other blight fighting  like more bulky trash collection.

City Manager Troy Schulte spelled out details in front of two dangerous houses on Chestnut Avenue.

The city is reluctant owner of about 250 dangerous properties, places abandoned by owners. It will start with demolishing them at a cost of about $8,500 each, Schulte said.

Anyone who wants to buy one for $1 can do so, renovate them and bring them up to code and be reimbursed $8,500, he said.“If you want them, come and get them.”

The city will also intensify efforts to go after out-of-town private owners who have abandoned properties, he said.

As for them, they will get a demolition bill for about $15,000 because of paperwork, fees and trouble, he said.

“If you’re a private owner and you’re on that dangerous building list, we’re coming after you,” Schulte said.

As for the sudden increase in vacant lots, he said they will someday be valuable as redevelopment spreads to the east side.

Mayor Sly James said that has started: “There is more work going on now than there has ever been on the east side.”

He also thanked Kissick Construction Company for demolishing 10 buildings at no cost to the city. The city would be grateful if that company and others did that more, James said.

He cautioned that the city demolition work is contingent on voters renewing the earnings tax in April, a tax that would pay for that along with 40 percent of the general fund.

Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner, chair of the council finance committee, said people can speak about the budget before his committee or at several city on-line sites.

There are also three upcoming city budget hearings scheduled, including one on Saturday, Feb 27, at the Kansas City Police East Patrol station from 10 a.m. to noon.

Also, Wagner said, “Spread the news about what we’re doing in this city and where we’re doing it.”


  1. Janeane says:

    Where can we find information on the houses that are going to be demolished or that are available for $1?

  2. Diane Capps says:

    In response to the leveling of dangerous buildings: I saw where the 18th & Vine District will be receiving some funding. I CERTAINLY HOPE THAT SOMEONE COMES FORWARD TO BUY 1822 Vine for a dollar–only the facade remains but I’d like to see someone build new construction onto it. 1822 Vine is the Eblon Theatre which has a very rich KC history. Count Basie’s first job when he came to KC was to play the piano at the Eblon–accompanying silent films! Also: James Scott (considered only second among ragtime composers–with Scott Joplin, the king of ragtime, being first) also played at the Eblon. PLEASE, SOMEONE, BUY THIS BUILDING and SAVE IT!!!!

  3. kelana says:

    Are all the houses on the list just a 1$

    • Oanh Schlesinger says:

      Yes. All the buildings on the demolition list is only $1. As the website states, showing proof of available funds to renovate must be shown before purchase to ensure the project will be completed.

      A great opportunity to flip a house or to use as a single family dwelling if you ask me.

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