Craigslist do and don’t advice from police

Courtesy KCPD.

Courtesy KCPD.

If you go to a Kansas City police station for a Craigslist transaction, don’t expect a welcome from police.

Unlike officers in some cities, police here do not encourage or want the deals in police parking lots or stations, Police Chief Darryl Forte told the board of police commissioners today.

The online deals with strangers pose liability and security risks for police stations, he said.

“If they come we’re not going to throw them out,” he said, but it is discouraged.

Do the deal in another public place, he said, “or if you don’t feel comfortable doing a transaction with people, don’t do it.”

Police in Midtown also recently put out a list of advice related to such deals:

“If the object you are buying is too large or heavy, and you absolutely need to meet in the other party’s house, take a friend with you. Do not go inside the house. Ask them to bring it out to the front door. Similarly, if you are the seller, ask a friend to be there when you make the transaction, haul the object to the front door, and ask the buyer to pick it up from your porch.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reason, leave immediately. Remember your safety cannot be replaced by any amount of money.

If you are conducting business alone, even if you are meeting in a public place, call a trusted friend and stay on the line (using a Bluetooth headset) as you complete your transaction.

Educate yourself on Craigslist scams to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

If selling an item, ask buyer to bring exact amount and do not give cash back for large bills, as they could be counterfeit.”

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  1. Karl Hendry says:

    I would like to see more of the Chief’s comments. While I trust the excerpt, by itself it strikes me as overly self interested. The Chief doesn’t have a habit of doing that to my knowledge.

    I just called the Linwood station and spoke with a clerk. People meeting in the parking lot and even the lobby does happen and to her knowledge is not prohibited by any department policy. In years past it was common knowledge that exchanging cash in the lobby was definitely prohibited.. It would appear that policy has indeed been changed.

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