Council passes change that could help microbreweries

The city council on Thursday unanimously passed a law that allows microbreweries, wineries and distilleries to sell their products on site.

Advocates hope it will attract more microbreweries that are starting or expanding.

The issue surfaced after the Kansas City Bier Company applied to open a $1.7 million microbrewery in Waldo on the Trolley Trail.

Currently, microbreweries have to have a tavern license to sell on site but no such license is available in Waldo, which has reached a cap for the number of those licenses in the area.

Councilman John Sharp noted that the alcohol businesses still  have to go through the normal consent process to get started.

Councilman Scott Taylor said the change amounts to the city adapting to a business that doesn’t quite fit the common pattern – and a business that is booming nationwide.

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