Council committee approves Bainbridge resolution


bainbridgeCity officials say they are hopeful the stage is set for productive discussions about low-income apartments on Armour Boulevard.

The council’s Neighborhood, Housing and Community Development Committee passed a resolution Wednesday expressing support for city participation in meetings with all stakeholders to find mutually acceptable solutions to issues related to the Bainbridge, Georgian Court and Linda Vista apartments.

Neighbors have complained for years about crime they say is associated with the buildings.

The battle escalated last week when a federal court action alleged city officials tried to force poor black residents out of the Hyde Park area.

According to Assistant City Attorney Maggie Moran, the resolution says the city will not move ahead with a social blight study, and signals its commitment to stakeholder meetings.

Fourth District Councilwoman Jan Marcason, who said she has been working with neighborhoods and apartment owners on Armour Boulevard for eight years, urged support of the resolution.

“I feel this will enable us to have more productive discussions with HUD and the owners and all interested parties,” she said.

Councilman Jim Glover echoed her comments, saying all types of solutions will be on the table during the meetings.

“Passage (of the resolution) will lead to productive discussions, particularly with HUD. I look forward to that process,” he said.

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  1. Louis Tofari says:

    I wish this issue would not be polarized by repeatedly using the phrase “poor blacks” – I don’t believe that just blacks are being affected, but also “poor whites” and “poor Hispanics” – perhaps even “poor Asians” or “poor Native American Indians”.

    Can we keep this issue politically-correct free and simply refer to the occupants in question as “low-income”?

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