Connecting for Good expands computer refurbishing


Refurbishing workshop manager, Karita Matlock, at work

Local nonprofit Connecting for Good, which is dedicated to fighting the digital divide, says its expanding its efforts to refurbish computers.

The group says one of the main contributors to the digital divide is a lack of access to affordable computer equipment, yet millions of still usable computers are sent out to be stripped down and their components recycled.

Last year Connecting for Good says it provided over 600 refurbished computers to low-income Kansas City residents for as low as $50. The group plans to double that this year by operating a full scale, professionally staffed computer refurbishing workshop.

Its staff, interns and volunteers take used desktops and laptops and create high quality, Internet ready PCs.  As a participant in the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program, a software grants program allows Connecting for Good to provide these computers to those who complete our free digital life skills classes and meet income qualifications for as low as $50.00.


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