Coming soon to a bar near you: voluntary alcohol tests

An experiment this month that allowed bar patrons to take voluntary alcohol tests worked so well that Kansas City police will use it more.

Customers and the owners of Tanners Bar & Grill in Waldo liked the tests and other bars have already expressed interest in it, Deputy Chief Cheryl Rose said.

Of the 148 people who took the test, more than half were over the .08 legal limit to drive, she reported yesterday to the Board of Police Commissioners.

It can be difficult for people to judge how intoxicated they are, she said. “One lady had two beers and she was like ‘I’m hammered’ when she was only .02.”

Police tried the approach after it was used in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A Kansas City police commander there on a trip has said he failed the test himself after a few beers and knew to hand the car keys to his wife.

Rose said the popular approach, “We plan on doing that again.”

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