Clinic offering special August rates for family pets, feral cats

The Spay and Neuter Clinic hopes while you’re getting the kids ready to go back to school you’ll think about pets as well.

The clinic is offering a “back to school” special for the month of August on spaying and neutering dogs and cats.

Here are details:

SNKC will offer a “Back to School Special” of a $15 cat spay or neuter, a $25 dog neuter and $50 dog spay for your dog or cat all month long in August.

There are many advantages to spaying or neutering your pets.  Spayed or neutered animals no longer feel the need to roam to look for a mate. The result is that they stay home and have less chance of being involved in traumatic accidents such as being hit by a car. They also have a much lower incidence of contracting contagious diseases and get into fewer fights.

In males, neutering decreases the chances of developing prostatic disease and hernias, and eliminates the chances of developing testicular cancer.  It also reduces problems with territorial and sexual aggression, inappropriate urination (spraying) and other undesirable male behaviors.

In females, spaying decreases the incidence of breast cancer (the rate goes down to almost zero if the spaying is done before the first heat cycle!). It eliminates the chance of developing a serious and potentially fatal infection of the uterus experienced by many mature intact animals (pyometra).   Spay surgery also eliminates the heat cycle and associated mood swings and undesirable behaviors, messy spotting (in dogs) and the attraction of all available males to your yard.

SNKC performs spay and neuter surgeries Tuesday through Friday by appointment.  You drop off your pet in the morning and pick him back up in the afternoon of that same day.  Please call 816-353-0940 or visit for more information about setting an appointment in August to get your pet fixed.  You can also go to the SNKC website and find the surgery request form to send your information electronically.


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