City to begin sewer, manhole repairs in Midtown

sewer-areaMidtown residents might be seeing crews and survey equipment as the city overflow control program, which began in 2010,moves into the area shown in the map above.

That area, known as the Brush Creek Neighborhood Sewer Rehabilitation Project Area 2, is generally bounded by Hardesty Avenue on the east, Stateline Road on the west, 31st Street on the north, and Gregory Boulevard on the south.

This phase of the work includes field investigation. Construction is expected to occur from May 2017 to May 2019.

The program aims to improve the water quality of local streams and rivers by reducing the volume and frequency of sewer overflows. To do that, workers will be finding and repairing deteriorating sewer pipes and broken manholes in order to keep excess water out of the sanitary sewer system.

Beginning this month, field crews may do seen doing the following activities: sewer cleaning, manhole inspections, and televising of sewer lines. They may also be doing smoke testing, which involves blowing smoke into manholes in the street to travel through sewer pipes and come out where there are broken drains and where roof downspouts, outside areas drains, or foundation drains are connected to the sanitary sewers.

During the field work, the city says residents may notice crews marking manholes and water inlets with spray paint and may notice survey equipment in the area as well.

According to flyer about the project, here’s what to expect:

  • Various field crews inspecting manholes and cleaning the public sewer lines.
  • Smoke from smoke testing activities.
  • Temporary street closures.
  • Public meeting to inform property owners about the field investigations and project schedule.
  •  Crews may knock on the door if they need to inspect the sewer or manholes on your property.
  •  Crews will not ask to enter your home or building.

Resonates can learn more about the project at a public meeting on Thursday, July 9 7:00 PM at the Central United Methodist Church 5144 Oak Street.

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