City suggests staggered rush hour. Will your business participate?

Photo courtesy mayor's office.

Photo courtesy mayor’s office.

The mayor and city manager have offered an update on the city’s activities during today’s winter storm, and offered a suggestion for alleviating a difficult rush hour tomorrow morning.

With 7-10 inches of snow expected to fall today and overnight, Mayor Sly James and City Manager Troy Schulte suggested that businesses consider staggering the times their offices open tomorrow, to help alleviate rush hour traffic in the snow.

Here’s more from city hall:

Mayor James and City Manager Schulte suggest that businesses located between 63rd Street south to the southern City limit open their offices at 8 a.m.; businesses located between the Missouri River south to 63rd Street open their offices at 9 a.m.; and businesses located between the Missouri River north to the northern city limit open their offices at 10 a.m. This is merely a suggestion and is not mandatory.

In addition, city snow plows have begun working in tandem on primary, arterial and residential routes. As evening approaches, the snow will start falling harder and the wind will pick up, which will cause the snow to drift. Plowing in tandem will create wider paths on the roads to help mitigate this drifting.

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