City sites lift ash borer leaf and brush disposal restrictions

Photo courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation.

The city says residents can once again recycle leaf and brush at any of its drop-off centers.

Residents of some area were previously restricted to only using one drop-off site, but other sites are now set up to properly process ash tree wood according to state guidelines.

Kansas City residents may drop off leaf and brush for free on Saturdays at all three of the City’s public leaf and brush drop-off centers: 11660 N. Main St., 1815 N. Chouteau Trafficway and 10301 Raytown Road. Weekday drop-offs are allowed at the Chouteau and North Main locations for a nominal fee.

The state guidelines ensure waste will destroy beetles in infested wood, reduce the emerald ash borer population and slow its spread.

The entire state of Missouri is now part of the quarantine. The Missouri and U.S. departments of agriculture placed a quarantine on leaf and brush waste from Clay and Platte Counties last year due to an infestation of the emerald ash borer in the area.
The ash borer recently has been located throughout the state, expanding the quarantine and eliminating earlier restrictions on leaf and brush disposal, according to the city.

The insect, which has infested trees throughout the nation, is not a threat to human or animal health but poses a risk to the region’s 4.6 million ash trees.


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