City now has a director of creative services

arts-inputFollowing a recommendation from the Mayor’s Task Force on the Arts, the city has hired its first Director of Creative Services.

City Manager Troy Schulte announced the appointment of Megan Crigger to the position in the newly created Office of Culture and Creative Services, a division of the city manager’s office.

According to the city, the Director of Creative Services will facilitate cultural community planning, and relationships between artists, cultural organizations, and governmental and civic organization, and unite local, regional and international cultural organizations for the advancement of artistic and cultural initiatives within Kansas City.

“The City’s investment in the arts as an economic driver is just the starting point for creating an entirely new way of engaging our residents and visitors with the arts,” said City Manager Troy Schulte. “I am pleased to welcome Megan Crigger to join Kansas City in this important advancement.”

Here’s more from the city:

The Office of Culture and Creative Services was initiated through recommendations provided as part of a recent report from the Mayor’s Task Force for the Arts. The Task Force for the Arts Cultural Planning Group was formed to develop a roadmap for City leaders to fully embrace and codify arts and culture in its operations, by providing specific strategies to support arts education, increase tourism, and leverage technology to benefit the arts.

“The appointment of Megan Crigger to Director of the Office of Cultural & Creative Services is an important step to fulfill the recommendations of the Mayor’s Task Force for the Arts,” said Mayor Sly James. “Arts and culture play an integral role in civic life, and provide the education, economic development and vitality which will move our city onto the world stage, where it belongs.”

Crigger brings 17 years of experience with the City of Austin, Texas where she most recently served in the role of Cultural Arts Division Manager. Under Crigger’s direction, the City of Austin made significant improvements in the areas of tourism, art and culture. During Crigger’s tenure, The City of Austin successfully increased focus on tourism and cultural development through the Cultural Funding Program; completed prominent public art projects through the Arts in Public Places Program; and advanced a community of arts culture through the Creative Industry Initiatives, and Creative Placemaking  programs, among other initiatives. Additionally, Crigger has experience working with the Kennedy Center, creating new events around the arts, and partnering with local school districts to build creative learning opportunities

“Kansas City has a vibrant arts community, with many rich resources,” said Megan Crigger, Director of Creative Services. “I am pleased to join in sharing the City’s heritage of arts and in laying the foundation for the future community of arts in Kansas City.”

Crigger will join the City of Kansas City in the role of Director of Creative Services on January 5, 2015.

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