City gets new development leader

Tyndall_EDC1Kerrie Tyndall will be the director of economic development in a new division within the city manager’s office.

The job is part of a reorganization that makes the city more directly involved in development, officials said in a press release this week.

“Development activity is on the rise and we need to ensure that the city is appropriately staffed and resourced to meet this demand,” said Mayor Sly James.

“We need to make sure that the council has strong technical experts within the organization that it can access when making important policy decisions,” he said.

Tyndall will work closely with the Economic Development Council to make for stronger economic drivers and to support initiatives, said City Manger Troy Schulte.

She has almost 20 years experience in city management and almost a decade of experience in economic development, including five years with the EDC.

She has helped in efforts to redevelop Kemper Arena, in replacement of public housing units and in development of the Swope Park Soccer Village, according to the media release.

Tyndall said: “Urban revitalization has been a passion for me throughout my career. The establishment of the Office of Economic Development provides an exciting opportunity for Kansas City and the EDC to collaborate at a different level than what we’ve seen before.”

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