City delays demolitions around new police East Patrol station

City officials have put on hold many demolitions scheduled surrounding the area for the police East Patrol station and crime lab.

Of the 82 properties still on the list, 52 are being delayed for more study, said David Park, deputy director of the Neighborhood and Community Services Department.

He reported on the issue this week at a meeting with the mayor and city manager.

City officials are working with a UMKC expert and the Washington Wheatley Neighborhood Association to see if there is another solution besides demolition, he said.

There have also been suggestions that some other dilapidated houses not on the list should be, he said.

The city is targeting its demolition money to the area surrounding where the new station is going in at 27th and Prospect Avenue and to the Green Impact Zone, roughly from 39th to 51st streets and Troost to Prospect avenues.

There are still 98 houses targeted for demolition in the impact zone, Park said, but some property owners renovate houses there when they get notice they will otherwise be demolished and the owners will have to pay.

Some owners also pay someone else to demolish the buildings, he said, believing that will be cheaper than paying the city.

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