Chronic nuisance law works, quietly

2015-11-10_18-48-43There are certain places that police get called to repeatedly, costly magnets for problems and neighborhood grief.

But a chronic nuisance law started early this year and these places are nicely listed in city computers.

Behind public view, that new law is correcting problems at 13 properties, a city official said today.

Mike Schumacher, assistant city manager, reported progress to the mayor and city manager.

The properties – four apartment complexes, six convenience stores and three hotels – are working with the city to correct a range of deficiencies, he said.

They resulted in a combined 261 calls for service from January to mid September, he said, and have good reason to cooperate.

Properties with five police complaints in 30 days can be sent to a board that could order remedies or close the businesses or houses.

One convenience store making changes, Schmacher said, had an open area in back where crime flourished and landscaping ties in front that served as benches.

Names of the businesses are kept secret to encourage cooperation, he said. The law can also apply to drug or party houses and the city is now considering action against a drug house, he said.

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  1. Rose says:

    I hope the law has teeth in it. I know a lot of these places are owned by folks who hide on the other side of the state line

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