Chance to comment on transit options Tuesday

A third possible route would follow 71 Highway south.

Midtown residents have an opportunity to weigh in on Kansas City’s future transit system at an open house Tuesday, Nov. 27.

The meeting is the latest step in a comprehensive effort called Smart Moves to expand and enhance transit services. At the open house, participants will have an opportunity to hear the latest recommendations for the I-70 and Rock Island Corridors, and to offer feedback on a recent analysis of the  U.S. 71/Bruce R. Watkins Corridor.


Over the past year, several studies have evaluated options about:

  • The types of transit service the community wants.
  • What is feasible in each corridor.
  • What routes should be followed.
  • How to financially support and maintain the corridors.

The transportation agencies involved say these studies have been carefully coordinated with each other and the proposed streetcar project in downtown Kansas City.

Importance to Midtown

The U.S. 71 Transit Study begins downtown and runs south on U.S. 71/Bruce R. Watkins Drive. According to the study website, this corridor is a high priority commuter corridor, connecting to the proposed downtown streetcar and commuter corridors going east of Kansas City.

Local transit service within the U.S. 71 area has strong ridership, particularly on the Prospect Avenue route which has a ridership of over 5,500 passenger trips per week (Source: Kansas City Area Transportation Authority). However, transit service on U.S. 71 is limited to peak service only, and the geographic extent of the service and has been scaled back over the years due to funding limitations. Service is currently limited to Kansas City, Mo. While transit service within the northern part of the study area is stronger than service in the rest of the region, there is a need for better services throughout the corridor, and service that may help spur the type of economic development this corridor needs to become more vibrant and sustainable.

The open house is sponsored by: Jackson County, Missouri; the Mid-America Regional Council; Kansas City Area Transportation Authority; and  Kansas City, Missouri. It will be held Tuesday, November 27 from 4 to 6. p.m. at the River Market Event Place, 140 Walnut.

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