Can’t remember everything: Bank robber had a bomb, but no get-away car 

It seems most so-called bombs used in bank robberies turn out to be fake, but not one this year in Kansas City.

Still, the robbery itself bombed for Steven Marquain Davis, 29, who pleaded guilty today in federal court in Kansas City.

He pleaded to bank robbery and to using a firearm during a carjacking related to the Jan. 9 robbery of the Commerce Bank, 922 Walnut St.

According to a media release from federal prosecutors:

Davis showed a teller a remote control device, said “it’s” (the bomb) on the side of the building and demanded the teller “gimme everything.”

The teller gave him $29,689 in a black duffel bag.

After Davis left, he approached a Suzuki on Petticoat Lane, banged on the door and ordered the driver to open it.

She refused, he pointed a handgun at her and banged on the window. She drove away.

When a witness then confronted Davis on the street, he pointed a gun at the witness and said, “What are you looking at?”

Davis tried but failed to get into two other cars but then police arrived in force. He pointed his gun at them and they shot him, arrested him and recovered the money.

FBI agents located what looked like a bomb in the southwest area of the bank lobby. Bomb experts determined it was a dangerous explosive device and rendered it safe.

Davis will be sentenced later. The minimum is seven years for the firearm charge and up to life for the bank robbery.


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