Bus service announces new security measures

busIn a move aimed at making buses safer, the Kansas City Police Department is adding two full-time officers to the bus system for the first time. Those officers will be an addition to the off-duty officers. In addition, the Kansas City Area Transit Authority (KCATA) says it will double the amount of money it spends on bus security.

The KCATA says an agreement with the Kansas City Police Department will add two full-time police officers to safeguard public transportation riders.

Currently, 39 off-duty officers provide up to 100 hours a week of protection, depending on officer availability, the KCATA says.

And the agency will hire a full-time public safety manager.

“This will be a historic first for the KCATA,” said Sam Desue, chief operating officer for the KCATA. “While assaults represent just a fraction of the more than 15 million passenger trips taken each year, we are intent on protecting our passengers and drivers.”

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